Madawela Family Tree
Madawela Family Tree

3G "Togetherness We Must"

                         Madawela Family Tree

(Including Aluwihare and Udugama Families)

1st G (Recorded)

Flag of Kurunegala District

Herat Mudiyanselage Madawela Basnayake Nilame 1830

Landed Proprietor/ Notary Public 1830 Circa

Married Ranmenike, daughter of Chandarasekere Gooneratne Tenekoon Herat Mudianselage Banda of Walgama, As per "Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon" By Unwin Brothers Ltd The Gresbam Press, Working & London.p720


2nd G

Hon Godfrey Edward Madawela 1878 -1932

Lawyer/Politician. Ceylonese Legislative 1924-1931 Ceylon State Council 1931-32

Educated at St. Thomas' college Mt Lavinia and Trinity College Kandy. He Donated the family house and land in Kurinegala to Maliyadeva Maha Vidiyalaya and moved to Madawela estate (Madawela Village) Uhumiya 6 miles off of Negambo road Kurunegala in 1938. Political back- ground and his work is documented in "Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon" p720

Wedding of Godfrey Edward Madawela to Elsie Tennakoon 1903

Godfrey Edward married Francis Alexander Elsie Tennakoon daughter of Charles Edward Tennakoon.His Full name is "Wijeyesundara Gunaratna Tennekoon Herat Mudiyanselage Charles Edward Tennekoon Ennaruwa. Rate Mahattaya" of Vanni Hatpattuwa in 1876. He was a revenue officer for his district, inquirer into crime.Well known pillar of the church of England in the district.


Madawela Generations

3rd G

          Godfrey Ernest                                 Eva                                         Murieal

Godfrey married Hilda Eknaligoda. Eva married Dr Lin Udalagama and Muriel was married to Fisher Wanduragala.


4th G

                        Gamini Edward                                                          Nihal

Gamini Edward Married Clarice Aluwihare of Beridevala Matale & Nihal Married Dulice Aluwihare daughter of Claude Aluwihare Maha walluwa Aluwihare.


5th G

Godfrey Shantha

 Shanthi                            Githal                       Darrel Roshan                   Yvonne                             Ryan


6th G

Gayath Errol                Sachini Nichole                       Gaurav                        Rajinda                            Tisuli


More Family pictures.

         Godfrey, Hilda & Gamini                                                       Dr Pushpananda / Rev Punnaji

Godfrey Ernest Madawela known as "Bobsy" to his friends married Hilda Eknaligoda of Eknaligoda wallawa,Had 2 children, Gamini Edward and Nihal Grand sons, Shantha,Githal,Roshan and Ryan. He donated land to Madawela temple in 1956.

Dr Pushpananda Madawela (Rev Madawela Punnaji) is a first cousin of Godfrey Madawela. Dr was ordinated as a Buddhist priest by Rev Madihe Pannaseela in 1968 at Sri Vajiragnana Dharmaya Ayathanaya.(Maharagama) Was the High priest in Toronto Maha Viharaya from 1981. Written many books 'Beyond the Horizon of Time' , 'Man superman and
Beyond', 'Vibhajja vada' and 'Awakaning meditation'.

Hon G E Madawela with Wife Elsie and children Godfrey (seated), Eva & Murieal

Wedding Iris Rambukwella to George Tennakkon 1945

Dulcie Aluwihare as Page girl and Gen Kobbakaduwa as page boy

Wedding of Sir John Kottalawela - right standing Muriel Madawela seated Eva Madawela

William Aluwihare , Claude Aluwihare and Family

READ - Story of Aluwihare Rala 1629

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READ - Story of Aluwihare Rala 1629
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Madawela - Aluwihare - Udugama - Tennakoon - Ekneligoda - Moonamalle - Udalagama - Wanduragala - Dias Bandaranayake - Veydande. And many more family connetions on Tree.

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......"This Young Aluwihare Bandara was very loyal to the king and his son King Wimaladharma II (1687-1707) very faithfully in time to come"......

William Alexander Abraham Eknaligoda born 1826. Educated at the Colombo Academy under Rev. Boake, appointed as a Rate Mahattaya in 1847 in the Sabaragamuwa province. After serving in several other posts appointed as a Dissawa in 1880. He is said to have possessed a gold medal presented to his ancestors by Sir Robert Brownrigg after the Kandyan rebellion of 1818 but it is not clear as to who the ancestor was. His final assumed name was Mahipala Akrakkuruppu Wickremesinghe Basnaike Mudianse Ralahamilage William Alexander Abraham Ekneligoda. (Wright 795) Father of Philip A Chas Ekneligoda Rate Mahattaya, Father of 10 children - 1 - Mrs Suwarnalatha Muttetuwegama (Rate mattaya) Died in 1951 one daughter married Percy Mapitigama 2 - Mrs Mallika Kulatunga
3 - Mrs Sumeda Rabukwella died giving birth to son, Duggi in 1931 4 - Miss Anula Died after birth 5 - Mrs Hilda Madawela Married Hon G E Madawela , Died in 1965 6 - Mrs Agneus Witachey 7 - Mrs Grace Dejonk 8 - Miss Felicia , Died young 9 - Victor Ekneligoda (Kalu mama) 10 - Vernon Ekneligoda (Disa Mama)

Madawela Walluwa - Donated to Maliyadeva College

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Old Pictures Ceylon 1895

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